Dear guests! Now you can pay for your order using our online system. Uniteller guarantees to protect the privacy and security of your personal information during the payment. Uniteller Service is PCI certified and meets a number of demands of the industry to secure the card holders’ data and prevent the fraud. Our collaboration with Uniteller is your warranty for secure transactions. Information system of Uniteller processing complies with the data security standard of the Payment Card Industry PCI DSS certificate. The safety of the service provided is achieved by a 3D Secure technology – a smart transaction fraud monitoring system that works to protect the confidentiality of your online payments. Your card details are entered on a special, secure payment webpage. To process your financial information safely Uniteller uses the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption system. Then received data is passed through secure bank channels for maximum protection of your privacy. Uniteller doesn’t share your confidential information with the store or other third parties. If your card supports 3D Secure payment technology you will need to go through additional verification process with your bank. For that you will be redirected to the verification webpage of the bank that issued your card. The type of the additional verification depends on a bank- normally it’s an SMS sent password, scratch card PIN codes or others. Should you have any additional questions regarding your online payment please do not hesitate to email Uniteller processing centre technical support at: or call 8 800 100 19 60\r\n\r\n

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